Melina Soochan | Singer, Songwriter, Pianist | Jazz, Pop, Soul
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About Melina Soochan

Melina blends Pop, Soul, Jazz and Blues with her exquisite classical training.

Biography & Projects


  • 1989 | Started playing piano at 4 years old
  • 1996 | Started writing songs at 11 years old
  • 2000 | National winner of Hal Jackson Talented Teens Competition
  • 2003 | Joined Cabaret-style troupe Les Belluscious Girls
  • 2004 | First music recordings with producer Override
  • 2005 | Graduated with Double DEC Music & Science from Marianopolis College
  • 2008 | Graduated with BMus from McGill University
  • 2009 | “City of Love” EP release
  • 2009 | “X-Ray Eyes” music video
  • 2009 | Start of “Acoustic Nights Montreal”
  • 2010 | “City of Love” music video
  • 2010 | Earned Performer’s Diploma from RCM Toronto
  • 2011 | First Acoustic Nights Teen Songwriting Competition
  • 2011 | “Hold On” album release
  • 2011 | “The Mama Song” music video
  • 2013 | Joined KiX Party Band
  • 2014 | Start of Scène Prestige Productions
  • 2015 | Graduated with MBA from JMSB at Concordia University
  • 2016 | First performance at the Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • 2017 | 5 months at Park Hyatt in Busan, South Korea
  • 2017 | Club Med artist in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • 2017 | Joined Annakin Slayd Hip Hop Band
  • 2017 | Started The Messengers Singing Telegrams
  • 2018 | Released Jazz Album "The Velvet Lounge"

Melina Soochan has been performing regularly as a singer/songwriter, pianist and Jazz musician since her teens. She has evolved into a soulful and sophisticated artist on today's Montreal scene, performing beloved standards alongside her very own compositions.

Her blend of Pop, Soul, Jazz and Blues complements her classical training and brings an original touch of life to contemporary music. She plays from a place of love for both the craft and the audience she whole-heartedly interacts with.

A graduate with a Bachelor's degree from McGill University‘s world-renowned music program, and holding a Performer's diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Melina will appear solo or with her 6-piece band, the Masters of Groove. They perform at public events and exclusive occasions alike.

Across the East Coast of Canada and the Northern United States, her performances are tailored to match any setting, including:

Music & Videos: Pushing Conventions

When not performing, Melina is busy at the composer's piano right in the studio, where she's produced three albums and a collection of unreleased songs.

Her first six-song EP titled, “City of Love” was released in 2009. It spawned two music videos, “X-Ray Eyes” and “City of Love“, the former of which received extensive airplay on Canadian national TV stations Bravo! and CJNT (now City TV) as the EP’s leading single.

With “City of Love”, Melina deliberately and boldly ventured into Indie Pop, inspired by the music of Feist and Lily Allen, and exploring the spectrum between dance beats and melancholic piano balladry.

In 2011, Melina followed up with her first full album, “Hold On“, which is available online and at her shows. The album was produced by Montreal rock artist and 2015 "The Voice" finalist, Sule. It is currently distributed by CDBaby.

This release saw Melina explore her fusion genre to the fullest, with retro style influences giving the album an infectious buzz: she drew from genres as varied as Blues, Indie Rock and even Reggae to create a collection of 10 original and daring, yet consistently tuneful and catchy songs. From "Hold On", Melina released a music video for the first single off the album, "The Mama Song".

In 2018, Melina released a jazz standards album, "The Velvet Lounge", in response to her fans asking for recordings of her jazz performances. Melina whole-heartedly embraced the challenge and sat down to craft a beautiful concept album which showcases her jazz vocal sensibilities to their fullest.

Featuring well-known Montreal jazz musicians Jim Doxas on drums, Adrian Vedady on bass, Kate Wyatt on piano and Erik Hove on sax and flute, the album was recorded at the renowned Doxas Studio, mixed and mastered by George Doxas himself, a heavy-weight in the world of jazz. The album showcases some of the most well-known songs of all time, including "At Last", "Cry Me a River" and "Georgia On My Mind".

Acoustic Nights: A Local Talent Platform

Between 2009 and 2012, Melina ran the organization, "Acoustic Nights Montreal" which gave exposure to up-and-coming singer-songwriters from across Quebec and Ontario, who were seeking to expand their recognition and try out new songs.

Through a bi-monthly series of showcases hosted by Melina herself, the initiative was her way of giving back to the Montreal music community. Proceeds from each showcase were distributed equally among the performers.

As the series evolved, it gave birth to the annual Acoustic Nights Montreal Teen Songwriting Competition, which gave young composers the opportunity to showcase their material to a panel of judges and a live audience.

The competition afforded them the chance to win valuable prizes, such as:

  • Studio time
  • Music lessons
  • Gear
  • Workshop participation
  • Networking with high-profile Montreal musicians

The competition gained significant attention across Montreal and culminated in a feature on Canadian national TV station CTV News during its 2-year run.

Acoustic Nights Montreal was a resounding success, strengthening the foundations of Melina's far-reaching present-day connections in Montreal's vibrant and varied music scene. To this day, she keeps receiving requests from artists looking to engage with the initiative.

Scène Prestige Productions: Fair Play for Fair Pay

Inspired by the impact of Acoustic Nights Montreal, Melina longed to start a new enterprise that would provide musicians the next level of sustainable, long-term support. To lay the groundwork, she undertook studies for a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA) from 2013 to 2015.

At the well-known John Molson School of Business, she acquired the skills, connections and partnerships to build the live music agency Scène Prestige Productions, which she founded in early 2014.

The Scène Prestige mission is to provide live music for weddings and corporate gatherings, promoting it as the soul of successful and memorable events. The agency helps organizers understand the elegance that live music can bring to an event, while supporting performers as they navigate the world of professional musicianship.

The agency is run by musicians for musicians and those who love the craft, pursuing fair play for fair pay and hands-on collaboration between the agency, its partners and clients.