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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Busan & Korean Culture – An Initial Assessment


Korean Culture: Nighttime in Busan, 2nd largest city in South Korea

Nighttime in Busan, 2nd largest city in South Korea

I have been carefully observing the Korean culture, and it is quite fascinating on so many levels!

It’s been nearly a month that I’ve been living this surreal life, playing music and living in a 5-star hotel, the Park Hyatt in Busan, South Korea. My work hours only taking up about 4h of the evening, I find myself with a lot of time during the day to people-watch and soak in the culture around me. And boy have I been doing just that!

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Music & South Korea – A Matter of Timing

Busan, South Korea

Night view of the beautiful city of Busan, 2nd largest metropolis in South Korea, after Seoul.

It finally hit me when I first stepped on the impeccably clean and modern Korean Air aircraft that I was actually doing it. I was going half-way around the world to Busan, South Korea, on a 4-month contract to play music overseas in a 5-star hotel, the Park Hyatt Busan.
All on my own.
With the classical music in the background, and the soft, lilting voice of the flight attendant reciting the safety procedures in the quick staccato of the Korean language, I had already stepped into sophisticated and exotic Korea. The land of Kimchi and K-Pop. Read the full story…